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Will Philip Rivers eventually ask to be traded from the San Diego Chargers?

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San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was ranked seventh on Ron Jaworski‘s list of top 30 quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL season.  Rivers has a 63-33 career record as a QB during the regular season.  In six years as San Diego’s starter, Rivers has averaged 4,023 yards, 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions per season.

Rivers needs to play better at times in the playoffs because although he averages 260 yards per game, he has a 3-4 record with eight touchdowns and nine interceptions in these games.  There have been postseason games in which Rivers played great like his three touchdowns and one interception performance against the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.  Rivers duplicated this in a playoff loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008.  There have also been postseason games in which Rivers was not great as he had two touchdowns and seven interceptions in his other five games.  Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger were chosen in the same draft as Rivers in 2004. The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls with Manning, Pittsburgh has won two with Big Ben while Rivers has yet to play in a Super Bowl, so frustration must be building.

When attempting to build a contender, it does not help that former first round picks like Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, Antonio Cromartie, Craig Davis and Larry English battled major injuries at some point or did not live up to expectations. Merriman was released, Cromartie was traded and Davis was released. Rivers will have three years left on his contract after 2012.  If San Diego continues this state of limbo with mid to late first round picks like 2006-2009, 2011 and 2012, no major free agents and or no trades that makes them a Super Bowl contender, one has to wonder if Rivers will want to stay with the Chargers.












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