Cowboys Will Not Look At Terrell Owens

Whenever Terrell Owens‘ name pops up in free agency, or better yet, when he’s begging for a job, the Dallas Cowboys always seem to be on the list of potential destinations. Possibly because Jerry Jones still loves and respects TO. We all know that it wasn’t the owners idea to release the wide receiver a few years ago; that pretty much took Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett convincing Jones it was the best move for the team. They were right then and there is no reason to think any differently now.

We all kow TO isn’t coming back to Dallas. I don’t care how much respect Jerry Jones and Owens have for each other, it isn’t happening. Almost any Dallas Cowboys fan knows this, and thruth be told, so too does every major sports network or sports internet site around. It’s just something to talk about before the fun of training camp begins.

I’m sure no one is forgetting the way Owens throws every quarterback he’s ever played with under the bus, Tony Romo is no exception. Owens claimed to “lose respect” for Romo after saying that Tony Romo had a hand in Owens leaving Dallas. Let’s also not forget the way TO complained that Romo threw more balls to Jason Witten that he threw to Owens.

Then there is the Jason Garrett factor. Since he’s been the head coach, is there anything to suggest that Garrett would want Owens back? I don’t care how bad the Cowboys receiver situation gets, they will not sign Terrell Owens.

To sum it up, another non football playing day, another non issue discussed. The bright side is we are only two weeks away from letting the play do the talking.

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  • Winston

    Never say never. I agree then of the release, but then & now are like night & day. I believe the Cowboys expression of desire to be serious candidates for a Super Bowl going in to the 2012 season. I also feel as if their reality admittence to the ‘Now is the time’ motto was sincere when expressed by experienced vets on the team such as Jason Witten. Let’s submit to reality momentarily. Owens is not a #1 or even #2 receiver on this roster currently given age and previous injuries. Back ‘then’ he was, and his numbers backed him. Also factoring in ‘now,’ T.O. is in no shape personally to act as the Diva he may have used to be. But my FAN outake suggests no other receiver in the World(available & within reason) is more equipped to take on the 3rd wideout position than he. Define position: 3rd wideout is not a starter(So stamina non factor) but provides reliable receiving in clutch moments, such as December, & the playoffs. 3rd receiver decoys mishap, distracts opponents & complicates secondary matchups (who better than TO to play the Rodman Role). The Dallas #3 is differant than typical #3 positions in the factor that he must be ABLE to play #1 or #2 in the event of injury(this happens a ton with Dez & Miles. TO has experience in this system with this offensive coordinator & this QB & on this team. This receiving cores lacking a veteran. Regardless to what one may think, Owens has respect for the team in it’s entirety. He is no longer even a slight risk, mostly because he’s old & desperate. Facts are all in, & Dallas can win it all without Owens, but there are no more excuses deemed acceptable for not doing so this year. Especially the one that headlines ‘Kevin Ogletree…anything!’ or ‘Austin/Bryants absence during ect really damaged the Cowboys shot at the title! Or the absolutely inevitable, ‘Romo fails again!’ If I were Romo I’d have a bag of popcorn ready for the last receiver he ever had major success with…& Owens will bring the tears again, along with the circus, but most importantly, he’ll bring a title shot!