NFL Rumors: Indianapolis Colts Close To Signing QB Andrew Luck?

By Max Luckan

It looks like the Indianapolis Colts have almost secured their future at the quarterback position. The Colts are close to signing quarterback Andrew Luck to a four-year deal, a source confirmed. The deal is not completely finished yet, but the two sides are currently working on the details such as guaranteed money. The source also told me that the deal will be worth roughly $22-24 million.

The Colts took a huge step in the “rebuilding” process in the 2012 NFL draft when they drafted Andrew Luck out of Stanford. The departure of Peyton Manning left the team without a quarterback, and Luck was the best QB available. He’s seen around the league as a franchise QB, who can bring a championship to Indianapolis.

However, the Colts finished 2011 with a 2-14 record and have a long way to go before they can get back to the Super Bowl. While Luck may be the most important piece to the puzzle, many other positions need to be addressed as well, mainly on the defensive side of the ball. Indianapolis struggled mightily last year against the run, and also against strong aerial attacks.

But it does appear that the Colts are on their way back, nonetheless. The team passed on quarterback Robert Griffin, which signals that they are confident in Andrew Luck and his abilities. However, Luck had not been present at OTA’s due to his school schedule at Stanford. He missed valuable time and was finally able to join the team on June 8, which is when he was officially done with school and can practice freely.

This step by the Colts, along with many others this off-season, emphasize the rebuilding process in Indianapolis, which should be a long one, but they are definitely on their way.

Update: Andrew Luck’s deal will contain about $24 million in guaranteed money because of the new rookie system, a source confirmed.

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