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NFL Rumors: Is Terrell Owens an option for Dallas Cowboys?

In case you were unaware (or don’t care), Terrell Owens is still looking for another opportunity to play in the NFL.

It’s been no secret this offseason that the Dallas Cowboys have been fruitlessly searching for a legitimate option at the No. 3 wide receiver spot. But would the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones really be desperate enough to take a flier on the troublesome Owens?

Logic would say no, but NFL teams do some questionable things when times call for desperate measures.

Owens has spent the last couple of years tarnishing what was once a well-known name across all platforms of football. After a one-year stint with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, Owens joined the IFL’s Allen Wranglers, who offered him a six-figure contract and a stake in the franchise’s ownership. Although he played well while he was with the Wranglers (35 catches, 420 yards, 10 touchdowns), Owens was eventually released after refusing to play in two critical games and failing to appear at a local children’s hospital.

Considering that Owens couldn’t even avoid controversy at the IFL level, it’s unlikely that the former star wide receiver will ever find his way back into the NFL. No team wants to deal with the headache that he presents, even the playoff-hungry Cowboys.

Still, Owens has plenty of incentive to behave at this point. He’s facing serious financial problems and is in need of some quick income. If anything, the Cowboys could throw him a non-guaranteed deal and force him to prove himself during training camp. In that instance, it’s a win-win for Jones; he helps out a long-time friend but limits his liability in the instance that Owens struggles.

Chances are that the Cowboys will unexpectedly release quarterback Tony Romo before they take another risk with Owens; crazier things have happened in the NFL, though.

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