Steve McNair Jr. to Sign Football Scholarship with D-II Midwestern State

By Stephanie Umek

While he is the prodigy of his father’s great career, Steve McNair Jr. plans to take his hereditary talents to the next level and play Division II football for Midwestern State. Unlike most sons of professional athlete, McNair Jr. decided to spend his first two years at a community college before heading to a four year. Most athletes get scouted and signed and head right into a four year deal.

It is becoming more and more popular, not just with athletes but with students all around to head to a Junior college prior to a four year college and it’s a smart move for many reasons. The economy is still bad, and it is much cheaper to go to a community college and commute verses pay state school tuitions with room and board. It also is an easy way to get general courses out of the way so that when transferring to a four year college, you can focus on your degree.

While no one has really been able to contact the McNair family, the coaching staff at Midwestern has been able to shine a little light on what they plan to us McNair Jr. for, and that would be offense. McNair Jr.’s coach, Tim Hatten, from the community college was able to speak on the subject also.

“He’s probably a better offensive player than defensive player, just because of what he can do with the ball in space. But it’ll be good for Steve to get out there and play a little more football.”

While it doesn’t look like he wants to jump into the Tennessee Titans roster right out of college-it does impresses me that the family has been out of reach. I doubt that a son and mother of the late Steve McNair would want a whole lot of attention brought to the name, especially is McNair Jr. does not plan on playing professionally. It has to be a bitter-sweet situation that he is in.

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