Washington Redskins: Height Not An Issue This Season

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins should hear no criticism about height this season, especially with a QB that’s just as tall and lean as his  receivers.


MISSION: Robert Griffin III is not throwing to his comrades at Baylor, which means he needs to establish the communication and rhythm needed with his receivers to get off on the right track.  Training camp will provide that head start.


Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III: “THE ARM”: RG3 is 6-2, 223 pounds. The difference between him and Beck (for those about to make the obvious known) is that Griffin will actually get playing time, real playing time. A starting quarterback with these stats matches well with the offense this season. I think the biggest complaint I heard at the beginning of the off season was “Washington Redskins Receivers are too short”.  Then again, the Redskins have never had a problem with short QBs. We just needed better QBs. Take a look:


RECAP: Past  Redskins Quarterbacks

Rex Grossman:  6-1, 225 pounds

Donovan McNabb: 6-2, 240 pounds

Jason Campbell: 6-5, 230 pounds

John Beck: 6-2, 215


Wide Receivers: “THE HANDS”: On average, all of RG3’s offensive weapons on the field this season are at least 227 lbs. Height is not a problem—Santana Moss is the shortest receiver on the field. Everyone is 6-feet plus.  It’ll be interesting to see if Head Coach Mike Shanahan changes that up when Josh Morgan becomes available.


Morgan’s not fit to make return yet: According to the Washington Examiner, Morgan said he underwent X-rays in June and will have an MRI to make sure his torn ligaments have healed right.  At that time, he said he still has seven screws in his ankle. Morgan was injured late in a 48-3 San Francisco win over Tampa Bay. According to their report, the 49ers threw to him on fourth-and-3 rather than attempt a field goal with under four minutes remaining.  Considering this situation, Moss is in line to maintain his job.

Yes, we all know that Santana Moss is 5-1l, but last season he caught 46 for 584 yards and was third in receiving yards for the burgundy and gold. However, both stats were his lowest totals since joining the Redskins in 2005, so he’s looking to improve those numbers.


Brandon Banks is just as short at 5-7, but he’s mostly the kickoff return man, so enough about that.


Outside of those two guys, everyone is big and lean.


Offensive Line: “THE WALL”: Out front, the Redskins offensive line weight average is about 308 pounds, with the average height over 6 foot 2. Washington Redskins Guard Kory Lichtensteiger is the shortest at 6-2.


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