Baltimore Ravens Agree To New Contract With Star Running Back Ray Rice

Ray Rice is one of the best running backs in the entire league and the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to a new deal with their star running back.  The deal is for five years and 40 million dollars, with 25 million dollars coming in the first two seasons.

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Personally, I love having Ray Rice on my fantasy team so this is big news for me.  For Rice, this means the Ravens have recognized how good that he really is.  When you put up numbers like he does, you deserve to get paid.  In this case, I bet Rice gets paid a lot.

This is also big because the Ravens do not have to worry about franchising him next season.  That means they can turn their attention to getting Joe Flacco a nice new contract.  That works out perfectly for everyone involved in this.  If you can keep both of those guys, you are going to have a nice little team going forward.

This is great for Ray Rice.  He puts up huge numbers every year.  He can do whatever it takes to win games.  He can run the ball 20 times a game, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, and he is a touchdown machine.  He is the perfect running back for this day and age.

I’m happy for Ray Rice and the Ravens.  He got his payday and the Ravens got a top flight running back locked up long term.  There is not a lot wrong with this entire situation.  One of those things where everyone seems to come out on top.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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