NFL Rumor: Miami Dolphins Matt Moore Not Neccessarily #1

By Craig Ballard

At first glance it would appear as though Matt Moore would be the lead dog on the depth chart to be the Quarterback for the 2012 Miami Dolphins. Moore earned praise for his work (especially at the end of the season) in 2011, and was named MVP of the ‘Phins. However, rumor has it that 10 year veteran David Garrard could begin the preseason as the man to beat.

Rookie Ryan Tannehill was drafted #8 overall in April, but seems certain to be the #3 (at least to start the season). This will be his show to run someday soon, but the Joe Philbin regime seems ready to begin with a veteran QB.

Matt Moore’s Dolphins finished 2011 on a strong 6-3 run (6-6 overall). In those final 9 games he threw 15 TD’s vs just 5 INT’s (16 TD’s & 9 INT’s overall). Moore showed an ability last season to get the ball in the play-makers hands, and he did not make the type of mistakes that lead to turnovers. Moore also was accurate with his passes, and had a very respectable QB rating. Sounds good right? Well Moore has a few things working against him.

For one, his own history. The 2009 Carolina Panthers turned to Moore late in the season, and he performed. The Panthers were 8-8 overall, but finished 4-1 under Moore. 8 TD’s vs just 1 INT. His passing rating was through the roof. Everything was so good for Moore that Carolina started the next season with him behind center. Well, the wheels fell off. Moore appeared in six games, Panthers won just one of those. 5 TD’s vs 10 INT’s. Only one of those games saw a QB rating above 60. Yikes.

Another thing potentially going against Moore to be named the starter is the recently signed David Garrard. The 34 year old is entering his 10th NFL season. Now Garrard did throw as many NFL passes last season as you or I did, but he seems to have recovered from his back issues. Garrard has a skill-set likely better suited for the west-coast offense (he has played in the WCO before). He has an ability to get the ball out quickly. Garrard’s experience allows him to make quick reads and decisions with the football, critical aspect of west-coast offense. This is an offense that calls for short/quick passes, and Garrard has a certain edge over Moore in this area. Those are the types of passes that Garrard is fantastic at.

Despite having a decent-at-best wide-receiver group during his time as the Jacksonville Jaguars QB, Garrard consistently had very good pass completion percentage.

A QB in the WCO also needs to be able to run for a few yards. Check-mark for Garrard, Moore not so much. In his career Matt Moore has a measly 92 yards rushing, with just 2 TD’s. David Garrard has well over 1,700 rushing yards, with 17 TD’s.

Matt Moore will surely get a legit opportunity to return as the starter, but the word is that David Garrard is going to be reckoned with.

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