NFL Rumors: Darrelle Revis May Hold Out From New York Jets Training Camp

By Riley Schmitt

Darrelle Revis is no stranger to NFL rumors.  The New York Jets cornerback is the best shutdown corner in the league but he is quickly becoming known for his holdouts. Yes, Revis might just hold out from training camp again.

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Here is the thing.  Revis made a lot of money the last two seasons and right now his contract favors the Jets.  Not exactly a bad thing.  The Jets want him to play this season and then they will revisit the whole contract thing.  Revis thinks that he can force the Jets hand and get a brand new contract before the 2012 season starts.

This will not be the first time that Revis has decided to holdout for contract leverage.  When you are guy who is as good at his job as he is, you have this leverage.  However, it starts to shine a negative light on you.  I can bet you that Jets fans are probably sick of Revis attempting to leverage the team for more money.  You don’t want your favorite players trying to get more money instead of helping the team.

If Revis does hold out, he does have some leverage.  The Jets simply are not the same if Revis is not on the field.  He makes their defense fantastic.  The Jets are almost always in some type of turmoil and adding Revis drama to the fold would not be what the team wants.

Expect Revis to get his money if he holds out.  Great players always seem to win out in situations like this.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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