NFL Rumors: Morris Claiborne Expected to Sign With Dallas Cowboys Before Training Camp

By Jeric Griffin

The Dallas Cowboys have only one 2012 NFL Draft pick that still isn’t signed to a contract – No. 6 overall pick Morris Claiborne. The rookie cornerback’s agent, Bus Cook, is still negotiating a deal with the team and money doesn’t seem to be the issue. Instead, it’s offset language over which the two sides disagree.

The Cowboys have always included the offset language, which essentially determines whether the team guarantees the value of the deal if cuts the player and he signs with another team. However, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was told Dallas is quite sure it won’t be an issue much longer and Claiborne will be signed by the start of training camp next week:

“Two high ranking Cowboys sources said on Monday that they are not concerned and believe Clairborne will be signed and in camp on time,” Hill wrote.

Claiborne said Sunday he will not hold out of training camp, stating he’ll report with or without a deal. Such a statement by a talented young player is admirable, but ill-advised because rookies are not allowed to participate in training camp without a deal in place.

As already mentioned on, it’s imperative that Claiborne participate fully in training camp seeing as how he’s missed all other off-season team activities while recovering from wrist surgery. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s scheme is a complex one and requires more than a couple of weeks to learn, especially for a rookie.

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