Washington Redskins: Kevin Durant Hopes 'Skins Are Successful

By Ricky Allen

Looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s leading man is a Washington Redskins Fan.

According to WUSA 9 News Now, they got a chance to talk to the NBA Western Conference Champion Kevin Durant recently and he shared a few thoughts about Griffin .

According to Durant, he looks forward to meeting the new Redskins QB. “I’m sure I will run into him somewhere here in D.C. But he should know I’m supporting the Redskins — I’m always supporting them — and hopefully he has a great season,” he said.

He even has some faith the Redskins will make the playoffs. Durant? Oklahoma? The Redskins nation spans the country. We’ll take Durant–he’s a great guy.  Someone get that man a jersey and some face paint.

He added, “Yeah no doubt — I hope so. I don’t want to jinx my guys…But I hope so, that would be pretty cool.”

Durant isn’t the first person to express they’re Redskins Fans.

Earlier this year,  NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. expressed that he too was a Washington Redskins fan.

He said in an interview with USA Today earlier this year that, “I hope it’s a good deal and hope the ‘Skins are successful, I hope that Robert’s successful.”

He added, “He seems like a good guy. It’ll be fun to be a Redskins fan and see how that plays out this year and see how well he does. I know all the Redskins fans are excited and expecting big things, and so am I.”

Looks like all the stars are coming on board–and there’s nothing wrong with that.   Mr. Durant, if you ever read this, Hail To The Redskins, and don’t forget to use the #HTTR Hashtag on Twitter.

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.

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