Kansas City Chiefs Schedule Preview: Week 16 vs. Indianapolis

By DanFlaherty

The summer walk-through of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule is approaching the finish line as we reach December 23rd and a Week 16 home game with the Indianapolis Colts. Please visit the link below to access the previous fifteen game previews.

Week 16’s game against Indianapolis is the classic NFL “sandwich spot” when it comes to Kansas City’s schedule position. They’ll be coming off a road game against the Oakland Raiders and looking ahead to another road contest against the Denver Broncos. If we assume the Chiefs are going to be in playoff contention while the Colts are not, then this game would have Kansas City as a favorite ripe to be picked.

But while the Chiefs may be vulnerable is their opponent going to be good enough to take them down in Arrowhead Stadium. By this point we’ll know how well Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck is progressing in his rookie year. We’ll also know how well Indianapolis’ effort to patch together an offensive line is working. On the flip side, Kansas City fans will have a grasp on whether rookie nose tackle Dontari Poe is going to be able to control the interior against an offensive front that, even allowing for the most optimistic projections, is going to be something less than dominant.

If Indianapolis doesn’t have a way figured out to protect Luck then this game is going to be a mismatch. The “sandwich spot” theory might work for bettors if Kansas City is a heavy favorite (i.e., 7+ points on the Vegas line), as a combination of the schedule circumstances and perhaps some inclimate weather could create a lower-scoring game where the underdog covers the spread. But Indianapolis’ running game is vastly inferior to Kansas City’s, the Chiefs have more playmakers on defense and even if Luck shows good progress he’s not going to make up for all that.

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