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The Today Show Aired Footage Of Jerrod Johnson While Interviewing Michael Vick

The Today Show can do a lot of good things, but they might want to watch their video choices a little bit closer.  Michael Vick was on the show Tuesday morning to discuss his new book and the b-roll footage that the show used was Jerrod Johnson.  I mean, they both look so similar, right?

Ok, the jersey numbers are pretty close.  Then again, Vick is left handed.  The guy throwing in that video is clearly right handed.  Johnson also has a pretty good size advantage on Michael Vick.  It was pretty clear that there was no way that was Vick, but whatever.

There is a reason that morning shows tend to stay away from sports coverage.  If you can’t even show clips of the right guy, you might as well avoiding interviewing athletes all together.  For as much crap as ESPN gets, I am pretty sure they have never shown the wrong footage during an important interview.  They screw up a lot, but the main stuff seems to be fine.

Best thing about this is that Johnson is no longer in Philadelphia.  That makes it even funnier.  They used stock footage of a guy that used to take residence in Philly.  They couldn’t find clips of the guy making a bunch of cash on the team, but there’s an overload of footage on the backup apparently.

Hopefully this isn’t an omen for the Vick and his upcoming season.  I bet fans hope he doesn’t end up playing like Johnson.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.