Kenny Britt Has Third Knee Surgery-What Does this mean for Training Camp and the Titans Season?

By Stephanie Umek

Here’s the thing, as if one surgery on his right knee isn’t bad enough, Kenny Britt had to have a second surgery on the same knee because of swelling just a few months ago. Now he had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. This marks three surgeries in less than a year. This can’t be good for the Tennessee Titans.

The first surgery was to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament. Originally the franchise and Britt reported that everything went fine, but in May Britt started developing swelling in the knee, and therefore underwent a second surgery to fully repair the damage. Well now he has that taken care of, and did recover faster than most people thought he would-he decided to throw a little curve ball, a third surgery, at the fans and franchise.

It’s going to be a whole different ball game if Britt is not fully prepared to enter this season at 100%. Especially considering that offensive coordinator Chris Palmer has been strategically focused on creative a three wide out rotation to accommodate Britt along with Nate Washington and Kendall Wright.

It kind of worries me that the Titans have been so solid with their plans of this year, but things like this, unfortunately happen. They don’t always work out the way you want them to. I know that the franchise must recognize this as an issue and hope that they start training camp with this all in mind. Maybe Palmer will have to do a little more adjusting on the field and make for some key plays with just Washington and Wright. It will be interesting to see if the rookie can bring in the NFL profile in his first season to show what he has.

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