New York Giants are the Ninth Most Valuable Franchise In Sports

By jason evans

The Mara family certainly got his money’s worth when he bought the New York Giants in the 1920’s. Tim Mara bought the team for $500 back in 1925. As the NFL developed the team became more and more valuable. Now, according to Forbes, the New York Giants are the ninth most valuable sports franchise, valued at $1.3 billion dollars. Not a bad return on investment.

A big key to the valuation according to Forbes was the Metlife sponsorship of the stadium, in which Metlife will pay $400 million over the next 25 years. Hosting a Super Bowl in 2014, will help the valuation I’m sure.

The Giants are the fourth most valuable NFL Franchise behind divisional rivals Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots. I really think the Giants might even be more valuable going forward. If they keep winning, there’s no reason they can’t pass the Patriots in valuation. They could even catch Barcelona which is valued at $1.31 billion.

The NFL is also getting bigger and bigger. The new TV deals that the NFL will receive soon and valuations of not only the Giants, but all the NFL teams will increase. Look for the Giants to creep up that list in the next few years. They won’t pass teams like Man U and the New York Yankees, but they could move up higher in the top 10.

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