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Robert Griffin III Wore Santa Claus Socks to Gatorade Awards, Because He Was in “Giving Spirit” (Audio Interview Included)

Robert Griffin III was recently a presenter at the Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year Awards, and then held a few group media interviews after the show. When asked what kind of socks he was wearing, he responded, “I was in the giving spirit tonight, you know giving out an award, so today I wore some Santa Claus socks, because I was bearing gifts. So that’s what I wore tonight.”

 Scott Allen,

Scott Allen,

Here’s a less lopsided version of the photo.

You can also find audio of the interview linked below:

A couple thoughts on this group media interview. Bravo to RG3 for insisting to the middle school coaches that he play quarterback and not wide receiver or running back, because of his speed. His team ended up winning 60-6, and a quarterback was born.

He is also already trying to be a leader with the Washington Redskins challenging his teammates on twitter, such as Pierre Garcon to #knowyourwhy.

“Yeah, you know really I was just having a moment. I don’t normally do stuff like that. But I was leaving my Baylor apartment. I was kind of just feeling like, this part of my journey is over. I’m moving on to the DMV, DC area to go be with the Redskins. That hit me, it hit me pretty hard. The same thing happened to me in high school, but there was not twitter then. So I just wanted to tell the fans that I was going to bring that same passion. Eventually, got around to challenging my teammates to know your why. If you know your why, you are gonna get there any how. I think it was a great platform, for all those guys, for the fans to see why these guys do what they do. A lot of people think we do it for the money, or just for the fame, and of course those are by-products of what they do. But a lot of these guys have great stories when it comes to doing it for their family, doing it for their mom because they made a promise to her, doing it for the community that they came from just because a lot of people from their communities don’t make it out. They want to give those guys hope. So, I know my why. I do what I do; I sacrifice for my teammates. I definitely play the game, because I love it, and it helps my family feed the kids. I want to make my family proud. I want to make my dad proud, because he gave me everything. So I know my why, but I just want them to know theirs. So that when they go out there, and they are like man I really don’t feel like giving it my all on this play. You know your why, and just give it your all, because you know the guy next to you has his.”

Robert Griffin III’s story is a touching one, and I cannot wait for him to take the field with the Washington Redskins. The DC area is a football town at heart, and this is the best quarterback they’ve had in the last 10-15 years easily. There will be a learning curve for RG3 as he adjusts to the speed of the game, but I anticipate some moments happening on the field where the game has to catch up to the speed of RG3.