The New York Jets are ready to open up training camp

By garymarchese

The New York Jets are just about ready to open up training camp.  They are sure to be a much talked about team just for having Tim Tebow as a backup quarterback and maybe in the mix for the wildcat.  There is no one who knows for sure how the Jets plan on using Tebow, will he have a set number of plays per game, will it be determined by opponent or will he strictly be a backup quarterback.  We are sure of one thing and that is no matter what there will be lost of focus on him and the Jets.

The Jets have a good team but they didn’t perform up to expectations last season.  Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez have seemed to make up, at least for now.  Plaxico Burress is gone, the Jets big move of the offseason was trading for Tebow.  They have made some other moves but nothing too big.  The Jets success will most likely come down to their chemistry.  They have the same basic team which has talent.  They have a good defense but can that defense be even better especially in the crucial times.  The offense should get better if Sanchez gets better and also maybe with a new wrinkle of Tebow and how he can run the wildcat.

It will be a very interesting season no matter what for the Jets.  It will seem like a soap opera because there will be so much attention paid to them.  There will be plenty of cameras around them and plenty of media attention.  It won’t matter if they do good or bad the attention will be on them.  It will be  hard for the Jets to overlook all of that and just focus on football but they will have to do that if they want to compete.  Rex Ryan their head coach is almost a soap star himself.  He will have to tone down his act as it hasn’t worked in his first three seasons.  He has had a lot of success but he hasn’t been able to win the big one.

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