Troy Polamalu Would Lie To Stay On Field After Suffering Concussions

By Riley Schmitt

Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers is an extremely good safety and a pretty good bet to make the Hall of Fame.  His style of play leads to the chance for concussions and Troy Polamalu has admitted to suffering almost ten of them, but he would lie to the doctors to stay on the field.

Yes I have, for sure,” Polamalu said. “There’s so much built up about team camaraderie and sacrifice. Football is such a tough man’s game. … It would be no different than the guy who goes to the mines in West Virginia. It’s that kind of commitment you need to play football.”

Somebody may say, ‘Is your knee messed up?’ It may be kind of messed up but you just kind of push yourself to be out there with your brothers. I wouldn’t say there are any major lies where I totally lied may way out of concussions. In fact, during concussions, if it’s serious enough you can’t even be conscious enough to lie.”

This really doesn’t tell us anything that we do not know, but it does shine some light into the mindset of players.  They hate missing time.  They are paid to play football and missing time with an injury that you can not see is painful to them.  They would rather deal with the consequences later in life.

As a person who has suffered from concussions while playing football, it is extremely easy to hide concussions.  If you really don’t want to leave the field, you can lie your way back onto it.  It may not be the smartest thing in the world, but sometimes the joy of playing is just too much.  Troy Polamalu just doesn’t want to leave his brothers out there without him.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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