Robert Quinn, St. Louis Rams DE, Charged With DUI

By Anthony Blake

The St. Louis Rams are counting on defensive end Robert Quinn to take a big step forward as a football player this season in a full-time starting role, but Quinn’s image definitely took a hit on July 10. A one-car accident on an interstate off ramp involved Quinn’s vehicle and the responding officer suspected that Quinn had been drinking. The 6’5” 265lbs. end cooperated fully with police, but his troubles are only getting started.

In a statement released by the team, the Rams said: ”The Rams and the NFL office are aware of the situation. We take such matters very seriously, and we will act accordingly once the legal process plays out.” That legal process has a preliminary hearing date set for October 11 where Quinn will face the drunken-driving charge, drunken-driving charge, a failure to exercise a high degree of care count, and having no insurance.

With plenty of expectations on Quinn to be a real barometer of the team’s success in the upcoming year, this development is definitely a setback for the team. Prior to the 2010 collegiate season, Quinn was declared ineligible by the NCAA for accepting improper benefits which included jewelry as well as travel accommodations. Those incidents were scrutinized heavily by several teams considering drafting the elite athlete in the first round of the 2011 draft.

While the Rams are currently involved in a snafu with one of their most recent draftees, Janoris Jenkins who also has an off-field history, over his contract, this Quinn incident is more negative publicity that the franchise really doesn’t need. The season is so close that the players can taste it and even the slightest slip-ups like this can have a significant impact on how the rest of training camp and the preseason play out. The Rams had to be hoping that they could have a nice quite camp and prepare for the season ahead, but now it appears that will be impossible on several different fronts.

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