Tennessee Titans’ Chris Palmer thinks Kenny Britt will be Just Fine

By Stephanie Umek

There has been a huge uproar across many sports stations throughout Tennessee, and it’s the talk about Kenny Britt and his third knee surgery in the last ten months. It’s going to be hard to recoup from this but according to people like Tennessee Titans‘ offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, the receiver is exactly where they want him.

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I know Britt is a fast healing guy but I’m not too sure if I fully believe (now) that he will be ready for training camp. I’m not ranting about him being gone all season, I see him at the latest missing until end of September. He healed well from the second knee surgery and was running in minicamps so I have no doubt that he will be up and going by mid-season.

I don’t think though, that he will be one hundred percent. You can’t possibly think that after three surgeries that you can bounce back that quickly. There have been athletes that try to come back too soon from an injury and re-aggravate it. With the depth that the Titans have at the wide receiver spot I would hope that Britt is in fact a smart football player and he out of anyone would know his body best.

This is the situation where Nate Washington and Kendall Wright need to step up their game. They need to realize the need for their skills and make sure that they are able to adjust. Players have stated during mini camps that Palmers new outlook on offense is challenging but they are professionals they need to make the necessary changes especially if they want a shot at the playoffs this year.

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