Washington Redskins: Mike Shanahan Welcomes 'Normal Year'

By Ricky Allen

In 2010, the Washington Redskins were 6-10. Last season they were 5-11. This year, Mike Shanahan feels there’s a change in the wind.


“This is the first normal year we’ve had in my three years in Washington,” Shanahan said. “In 2010, we had different rules with free agency for six-plus-year players, and then we had the lockout last year, so we finally have a normal year with an offseason program. This gives us the chance to put our best team together with the type of character guys we want and who really want to play.”


Could he be right?


In no attempt to make excuses for the team, I, like you have witnessed at times what appeared to be utter confusion on and off the field. The Redskins at times would look textbook-like on the field (vs. the NY Giants for example), and then would appear to be piecing it together as they go along (vs. Philadelphia Eagles).


This year is different. The post season was healthy–the acquisition of Robert Griffin the III was indeed a great move by the Redskins, sans whatever critique you may hear. And for Redskins fans who feel like the farm was sold on the matter, well, you do the math on how many seasons  Shanahan can afford to be out the playoffs in the Redskins Nation before he’s fired.


RG III is not only a good business acquisition for the QB spot, but a morale victory as well. Good or bad, the Redskins franchise needed this. And with Griffin signing his contract this week, things are starting to finally come into focus: The NFL 2012 Season.  “The Thriller” RG III signed a four-year, fully guaranteed deal worth $21.1 million. It also includes a club option for a fifth year.


Everything else is done now. All that is left is to put on the helmet and hit the field for practice, something I’ve been waiting on since February.


Reality TV sucks, and there’s only but so many cop and ghost shows you can watch in a day.


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