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Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Worried About the Packers’ Run Game

Everyone who is a fan of the NFL knows that the Green Bay Packers have one of, if not the best, passing offenses in the league. Those same fans also know that the Packers don’t run the ball a lot and struggle when they do run.

However, Aaron Rodgers isn’t too concerned on whether or not the Packers can execute the run game this season.

“Do we need to? I think this is a pass-happy league, so I think it’s got to start with the pass with us,” Rodgers said Thursday on “NFL Total Access.”

“The run has to be good enough to keep them honest, but we’re going to have to throw the football to win games. We’re going to have to run it probably a little bit more than we did last year,” Rodgers added. “It starts with the passing game with us, and with most teams as well.”

Rodgers is completely right here with his statements. The way the game is played now, you have to be able to throw the ball before you can run with it. The rules of the game favor the offense and the passing game especially. The things the defense are allowed to do are more limited than it was just a few years ago.

The running game still has it’s place in the NFL, but just look at the two teams from the Super Bowl last season. The New York Giants were ranked last in rushing and the New England Patriots were ranked mid pack. Both teams were led by sufficient passing attacks and used the run game as a backup plan.

As for the Packers, James Starks will be taking over as the main running back after the Packers didn’t resign running back Ryan Grant. Starks will be entering his third year in the league and this will be his first year as the main running back. Starks has shown some spark in his short time in the league, but has had injuries problems in the early part of his career.

This season it would be nice if the Packers run game does improve. However, that is not as important as many fans think. The Packers rely on their passing game to win football games and they can win any game they play if their passing game is on top of its game.


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