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Kenny Britt Gets Arrested Again on a DUI Charge

If it’s not knee surgery it’s DUI’s. Kenny Britt is just not having a good summer. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous as to how nonchalant he has been over the past few months as far as preparing for the season goes. And the worst part about it, that he actually is a very good athlete. It’s a waste.

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It’s one thing to come back from a first knee surgery, but then to have a second…and a THIRD is another. There’s already questions about him not being healthy for the season. But how many DUI’s does he have on his record now? There’s been at least two since the 2011 season ended.  The Tennessee Titans are not going to want to be associated with someone who causes that much trouble of the field. It’s just not a good reputation for the team and they are very involved in the community. There are plenty of solid receivers in the NFL that the Titans would easily be able to go out and pick up and still be able to achieve Chris Palmer’s dream of a three wide out offense.

All I can say now is, Kendall Wright, if there was ever a time to prove to Tennessee fans that taking a wide receiver first round was a right choice, DO IT NOW. For all of us that were thinking that the franchise was crazy for taking another receiver, show up to training camp and just put beast mode on high. Everyone was so worried about the defense being the problem but now it seems as though things are crumbling with Palmer’s picture perfect offense. Honestly though I believe that between Nate Washington and Wright, things can still be done.

It will be interesting to see how the franchise handles things. Britt is still under contract and he is still a good athlete. I’ve said before, the offense has a lot of decisions to make with training camp coming up in less than a week. Things are going to have to start falling into place if the Titans really want to put on a good show this season. I wonder if the Houston Texans are watching this unfold and thinking to themselves that their competition for the AFC South is going to hand them the conference again this year.

I hope it’s too soon to think like that, but if more things go wrong, the Texans are easily going to be able to advance again over the Titans.