Philadelphia Eagles Adding New Ticket Promotion on Game Day Tickets

By Bryn Swartz

The Philadelphia Eagles will be implementing a new ticket promotion for fans entering Lincoln Financial Field on game days.

The promotion is called “augmented reality”, and it will allow Eagles fans to unlock exclusive video messages from players on the Eagles. Fans must have a smart phone to unlock the messages and before they unlock the messages, they need to install the official Philadelphia Eagles app on their smart phones. They then can use their phones to scan the tickets.

“We are always trying to provide new features and experiences for our fans,” Eagles president Don Smolenski said. “We think there’s a real wow factor when season ticket holders hold their smartphones over these tickets and watch them come to life, launching videos that showcase some of our fans’ favorite players.”

The new ticket promotion implemented by the 2012 Eagles is just the latest in a world that is now completely dominated by social media. The Eagles are also working to make cell phone reception better for fans at the games, particularly those who like to check their fantasy football teams and scores from other games while they watch the Eagles. All of this is designed to improve the in-stadium experience for fans going to an NFL game.

One thing is for certain though. The Eagles don’t need to worry about their attendance during the 2012 season. They’ve sold out every home game since the 2000 season, and with the excitement surrounding the 2012 team, you can guarantee that all eight home games this year will be sold out.

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