The Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins Promo Is Out, Watch It And See How Far Away August Seems!

By Jeff Everette
Watch the Video Link  above courtesy of News Channel 5
Over the next two weeks, training camps will begin for NFL teams all across the country.  For the Miami Dolphins, this will mean the added attention of HBO cameras and crews, as they begin filming this years addition of the hit show Hard Knocks.
The Dolphins were not HBO’s first choice, but this will likely turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  There are several interesting story lines this season, including a quarterback battle, a revamped defense that is switching schemes, a new coaching staff, Chad Ochocinco, and more Chad Ochocinco.
With all of that going on, I doubt that the show will lack in drama, but the best part of the show is the struggle and the promo reminds us of this.
There will only be 53 players wearing the Aqua and Orange when training camp ends and watching nearly a hundred warriors battle for those coveted positions is the best drama of all.  It brings football back to its purest form, the players giving everything they have to secure a chance at being part of history.
This is the thrill of the weeks leading up to the new season.  Everyone has a clean slate and an opportunity to make their mark on the field.  The competition reaches peak intensity, and the fires often burst through as skirmishes break out amongst brothers, each pushing the other to his furthest limits.  Hearing the sound of the whistles blowing and bodies crashing together will make it hard to enjoy the rest of the summer, knowing that the sunshine season must pass for kickoff to arrive.
HBO has done an incredible job capturing these nuances and emotions in past seasons of Hard Knocks, and I cannot see this season being any different.
There are still several weeks of summer left, and there is much to be done before we will get our inside peak at the ‘Phins.  Then, as the promo teases, we will see who rises to the top.
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