Tim Tebow working with former MLB pitcher to improve passing game

By Marian Hinton

Anyone who has ever seen NFL quarterback Tim Tebow through a football knows that he doesn’t exactly have what one would call an orthodox throwing motion and passing is definitely the weakest part of his game.

Last season with the Denver Broncos, Tebow completed just 46.5% of his passes and posted an abysmal 72.9 quarterback rating, the 29th worst in the NFL.

This summer, however, the  New York Jets lefty quarterback is hoping to change all that before the season begins.

Tebow spent this week at the University of Southern California working with former MLB pitcher, Tom House.

House, also a lefty, currently works as a volunteer pitching coach with the USC baseball team, and has worked for several team in the Major Leagues over the course of his career, including the Texas Rangers, where he worked with Nolan Ryan. Interestingly, he also holds a PhD in psychology, with a focus on sports psychology.

Tebow isn’t House’s first quarterback to coach, however. He has worked with notable NFL quarterbacks such as Drew BreesTom BradyAlex Smith, Carson Palmer, and Matt Cassell.

Though Tebow will likely be the back-up to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez this year, many expect that the playmaking quarterback will still play an instrumental role in the Jets offense, most likely in wildcat packages.

According to House, Tebow is looking better, but admits that his work this summer isn’t quite the same as an actual game with defenses swarming around.

Only time will tell if all the work he has put in this summer will make an impact on Tebow’s throwing motion and improve his passing numbers, but no one can deny his ability to make plays with his feet. If he can figure out a way to improve his passing game, he could be incredibly dangerous for opposing defenses.

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