Washington Redskins: O-Line, Clock Control Needs Improvement

By Ricky Allen

When the Washington Redskins acquired Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft, they solved one of many problems.


Bringing in new players is always great, especially when they can enhance team performance, but it means nothing if the operational aspects are lacking.  One of those areas of improvement this season needed is the offensive line.


In February of this year I told you the reality of this  O-Line: Former Washington Redskins Quarterback Rex Grossman has been sacked 34 times in two years. John Beck played four games and was  sacked 16 times. Jason Campbell was sacked 43 times in 2009. Donovan McNabb? 37 times. Everyone is going ga-ga over RG3’s arm, but he’s gonna need protection in order to use it.


We do want him to be a quarterback and not a running back…right? While the gift of being able to scramble is exciting to watch, it’s also horrifying. Here’s your great investment about to be pummeled by an unforgiving defensive line.


Not sure if I want to see that. The Redskins need to depend on more than the talents of RG III to get it done. That’s just a piece of the puzzle.Other areas include getting the wide receivers into the endzone. In their last game vs. the Philadephia Eagles,   Grossman had 256 yards passing, one TD and one interception, and Evan Royster had 113 yards rushing in their 34-10 loss. It was one of the few times we saw a touchdown pass last season.


And of course, the final element that needs the most improvement use of the clock in the Fourth Quarter.  The Redskins have got to do a better job of putting themselves in position to control that clock in the Fourth. I, like many of you saw what happens when the game is on the line in the last four minutes of a Redskins game: Bad things, period.   Stupid mistakes–They can do better than that.


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