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Deon Grant Expects A Return to the New York Giants

Former New York Giants safety Deon Grant was honored in his hometown of Augusta, Georgia on Friday with an exhibit in the Augusta Museum of history. Grant says he’s been healthier than any offseason in the past couple of years and said that he expects to sign back with the Giants during training camp.

The question is though, will there be a spot for Grant to return to? Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips are the starters. Steve Brown and Chris Horton were brought in via free agency. Janzen Jackson, Will Hill and Jojo Nicholas were brought in as undrafted free agents. Tyler Sash was a rookie last year and is back. There may not be a spot for him on the roster.

The thing that Grant does have going for him is he knows the system. Grant has been with the Giants for the past couple of seasons which may give him an advantage over some of the undrafted players they brought in. It’s not like Brown and Horton won’t know what they are doing, and to me if you bring in two veteran safeties, it doesn’t seem like there would be room for Grant.

It wouldn’t shock me if Grant does end up on an NFL roster this year. Whether that’s on the Giants remains to be seen. If there’s an injury during camp, I’m sure he will get a phone call. The way the roster is presently constituted, I don’t see a spot for him.