Tony Romo Supports Cowboys Teammate Dez Bryant

By Ben Grimaldi

There has been a lot of talk about the Dallas Cowboys supposed lack of leadership on the field. Part of being a leader is stepping up both on and off the field. In the past few years, Tony Romo has become one of the Cowboys true leaders and that continued this week when he spoke about Dez Bryant to ESPN’s Ed Werder, “The one thing I know is that Dez knows I have his back.”

When it comes to leadership being a great football player on the field is very important, but having your teammates back when people are turning theirs can build team unity. Dez Bryant knowing that his quarterback, and the leader of the team, believes in him- can make a difference on the field. Think about it in terms of your own lives; if your friend was being kicked while down, would you help them? Or would you let them continue to get kicked? You fight for people who you know will fight for you.

The NFL is big business and there will always be people waiting to take their shots at you when they can, so having people who can confirm their belief in you is not a bad thing. Tony Romo knows the best chance to win is if the Cowboys have all of their best players on the field. Romo had nothing but good things to say about Bryant’s off-season work, “he had a great off-season, he’s improved tremendously in the last six months, and he’s going to have a good season this year and he’s going to continue to develop as a football player.”

It looks to me like Romo is starting to feel confident in Bryant’s ability on the field and now he wants to make sure that Bryant’s development continues off the field. If Romo can trust Bryant on the field and Bryant can clear up the distractions off the field, this Cowboys offense can be scary. I think Tony Romo is doing his part to help that process along.

Believing in yourself is one thing, believing in your teammates in another. The Cowboys have spent the off-season trying to combine the two and building a better team. The Dallas Cowboys have better chemistry and the team believes in each other; Tony Romo’s comments show that not only do the Cowboys have leaders, but they also have the right kind of leaders.

Those are words straight from the ‘Book of Garrett,’ somewhere Jason Garrett is smiling.


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