Chad Ochocinco Changes Name Back To Chad Johnson

By Riley Schmitt

Chad Ochocinco made headlines when he changed his name.  Now the Miami Dolphins wideout has decided to go by Chad Johnson once again.   He was at a hearing Monday morning to change his name back for the cool price of 401 dollars.

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We can finally call the Ochocinco name change for what it was.  It was a publicity stunt that had no chance of sticking for the long term.  It was just forced and awful.  Now he is back to Chad Johnson and he might actually catch some footballs and learn plays this season.  It certainly can not hurt his cause.

I bet there are a lot of angry people who bought Ocho jerseys, but there should also be some people that are happy to have them.   Those are now collector items.  There will be people out there who think buying an Ocho jersey will be a good idea.  Most people will realize it’s dumb, but it only takes one person to buy a jersey for too much money.

The Dolphins need the old Chad Johnson back if they want to do anything of note this year.  They are still in a transition phase and Johnson can certainly help the QB situation out down there.  If he is getting open and catching passes, it makes the lives of the quarterbacks that much easier.

The Ocho experiment was a nice touch but it is nice to see that Johnson is back to being all about buisness.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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