Former Running Back Travis Henry Attempting A Comeback

By Riley Schmitt

Travis Henry was more famous for his amount of children than any damage he did on the NFL playing field.  Apparently Henry feels the need to return to football, as the 34 year old has announced that he is attempting a comeback for the upcoming season.

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Honestly, there probably will not be a lot of interest in Travis Henry.  Who is going to go out and take a flier on a 34 year old when there are plenty of young guys out there to bring in.  He must need money to pay the child support for the 11 kids that he has with ten different women.  Otherwise, this makes very little sense.

Henry did have a pretty decent career for a time but his time is well past.  The interest level in him will be minimal, unless some team has already said they are going to take a shot on him.  I believe he was spent time in prison as well.  Not exactly a guy that is going to draw a ton of interest from people.

Hopefully this comeback works out for Henry.  People have serious doubts that it will actually work, but at least the guy is trying to make it work.  He probably does not know what else to do.  For a time, football was his entire life and it is hard to drop that for a regular job.  It just seems like he is going to have to get a real job because teams won’t take a shot on him.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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