NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins : Brandon Banks Competing for Wide Reciever?

By Ricky Allen

With names like Santana Moss, Fred Davis, and Pierre Garcon on the Washington Redskins Receivers roster, there’s not a lot of space for Brandon Banks.

He will have to etch out a spot for himself — I don’t think that’s possible.

Banks was nothing less than exciting in the backfield as a Kick Returner.

Last month, reports indicated that the pressure was on for Banks to step up. “I called him in early and I told him that he was going to have to help us at the wide receiver position as well if he wanted to make this football team,” said Washington Redskins Head Coach Shanahan . “And he accepted the challenge.”

At 5-7, Banks is shorter than the receivers this year: Moss is 5-11.

[Washington Redskins: Height Not An Issue This Season]

According to a CSN Washington report Banks said, “I’m not nervous; I’m more ready and excited…If I can get the ball in my hands, I can go the distance anytime I touch the ball. [But] I’ve got to be able to get into the right areas for the quarterback to get me the ball.”

Brandon Banks has a place on the Redskins team, but I don’t feel it’s at receiver spot. His speed is vital in the backfield for positioning the ball on kickoffs and punts, if not touchdowns. Last season he had 51 kick returns for 1,174 yards. In 2010, he had 46 for 1,155. To take that from the backfield and make him split it with receiving? I don’t know—but hey, we could be surprised.


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