Dallas Cowboys Foolish for Allowing Philadelphia Eagles to Court Mat McBriar

By Jeric Griffin

How many times is Jerry Jones going to put ice on his hands before he figures out that playing with fire doesn’t end well? The colorful owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys has over $7 million of cap space left for the 2012 season, yet star punter Mat McBriar is frolicking through enemy territory. The Cowboys are allowing arguably the best punter in football to be courted by the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent.

Jones has gambled on troubled free agents before (ex. Terrell Owens and Pacman Jones in a trade) and gotten burned. Now he’s allowing arguably the best player on his team to just waltz into a division rival’s camp and entertain offers. McBriar is the most consistent thing the Cowboys’ organization has had since Darren Woodson retired.

If McBriar signs with Philly, you can bet your bottom dollar he will singlehandedly beat the Cowboys at least once in the upcoming season and probably even both times these two teams meet. There will be a situation late in the game when Dallas has a chance to win and McBriar will kill the Cowboys with a corner punt that backs up Dallas deep in its own territory. You can literally just burn the money you would use for that bet.

Why is Jones doing this? Chris Jones was good in McBriar’s absence last year, but he’s no sure thing. Yes, McBriar had off-season foot surgery, but he’s punting now and has been declared 100% healthy. Not having him signed this late in the off-season is absurd and it will cost the Cowboys if he goes to another team, especially one that Dallas plays twice every year.

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