Is Tony Romo finally embracing his role as the leader of the Dallas Cowboys?

By Marian Hinton

The professional career of Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo has likely been the most perplexing of all the current NFL starters.

One minute he looks absolutely brilliant, making fans believe that he will be the one to get the Cowboys back into the upper echelon of the NFL; seconds later, he is making a play so ridiculously stupid that fans are left wondering what in the world he possibly could have been thinking.

The talent is there. His numbers are among the best in the NFL. He has demonstrated flashes of greatness.

So what exactly is the problem?

Many Cowboy fans will tell you that in his five seasons as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, Romo hasn’t been the type of leader that the franchise so desperately needs him to be. His commitment and dedication to the game have been under attack since he took over the role as the starting QB.

Will this year, however, be the one that he steps up and finally embraces his role as the No. 1 leader of the Dallas Cowboys?

It’s too early to tell, but he is already saying and doing all the right things that would suggest the thirty-two-year-old gunslinger is finally beginning to understand what it means to be the starting quarterback of “America’s Team.”

Before training camp begins next Monday in Oxnard, Ca., the Cowboys are hosting a 3-day mini-camp for rookies and select veterans beginning this Wednesday at Valley Ranch, and Jason Garrett, wanting to get his back-up quarterbacks some reps, excused Romo from attending.

It has been reported, however, that Romo doesn’t want to be excused. He wants to be there with the rest of his teammates, demonstrating his commitment to this team–his team–and all of its practices.

Could this be a turning point for Tony Romo?

We have already seen a new excitement from him, as last week he told the press, “I haven’t been this exited about a season as far as the collection of talent we have in awhile.”

If this is a new Tony Romo that we are seeing, and he gives himself completely to this team and finally fully embraces his role as their leader, we very well could see the Dallas Cowboys back on top sooner rather than later.

If Romo is going to lead the Cowboys anywhere, the time is now.

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