There’s No Need For The San Francisco 49ers To Trade Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Recently there’s been a notion that the San Francisco 49ers should trade second year quarterback Colin Kaepernick and that does not make sense. Even with four quarterbacks on the roster with Alex Smith, Josh Johnson and Scott Tolzien that doesn’t mean a move is necessary.

Johnson signed this offseason because of his familiarity with Jim Harbaugh as he played for him at the University of San Diego. The rationale for the signing is to give competition for the no.2 quarterback spot and Johnson has also experience as a starter as he started four games in his rookie season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2009 and started one game in 2011, he also appeared in 21 other games for a total of 26 appearances.

He did not win a game as a starter, he completed 54.2 percent of his passes, threw for 1,042 yards, threw five touchdowns to 10 interceptions, a long of 42 and got sacked 16 times. So, even with some experience and his familiarity with Harbaugh it does not leapfrog him over Kaepernick who barely saw action in 2011 appearing in three games in which he went 3/5 for 35 yards and a long of 19. Tolzien is also in his second year, yet did not see any playing time and spent the year on the practice squad.

Harbaugh said “the competition for no. 2 and no. 3 will be there when we get to training camp. That will unfold with the practices and the preseason games. That will be very exciting.”

Trading Kaepernick makes little sense because the 49ers traded three draft picks to the Denver Broncos to take him with the 36th pick and the Broncos selected Rahim MooreQuinton Carter and traded the other pick to the Green Bay Packers who selected D.J. Williams.

The view on Kaepernick when drafted is that it would take him a few years to develop and with Smith signing a three-year contract extension he has plenty of time to showcase his talent. Even if Johnson does beat him out for the no.2 spot this season he can return the favor during the season or next year.

If the 49ers were to entertain thoughts of trading him what would the team get in return or would there even be an offer? There’s not much of a need for a quarterback with no experience and that is several years away from being a starter. The most likely scenario for the way the season begins is Kaepernick as the no.2 , Johnson the no.3 and Tolzien being sent to the practice squad.





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  • Ryan

    Are you just making stuff up? Who suggested they should trade Kaepernick? Some random guy at the post office? This article was based upon a dumb premise. You have a raw tools guy who’s just learning how to be a pro QB, playing on a 2nd round draft pick rookie contract in the rookie wage scale era. And the guy teaching him how to be a pro QB is one of the better QB whisperers. And Alex Smith’s contract itself is an easy out for the team with hardly any guaranteed money after this year. If you trade him now, maybe you get a second round pick. If you groom him like the Eagles did for Kolb and the Packers did for Matt Flynn, you get multiple high draft picks in return. They can develop both him and Josh Johnson and trade the one they don’t want to keep in a year or two. Only idiots would suggest trading either now.

    • Steven Resnick

      I hear what you’re saying and I’m not making it up. I did come across an article yesterday and it was posted in multiple 49er groups that were discussing whether or not it made sense to trade Kaepernick.

      He’s not close to being ready hence why he’s a project and you’re right about Smith’s contract as well. Hence why I said there’s no need to trade him and even if Johnson does beat him out for the backup role, it doesn’t really matter because there’s going to be competition throughout the season nothing is set in stone and I think that’s how Harbaugh likes it.

      If there’s no competition then players get complacent.