New York Jets looking for creative ways to get Tim Tebow more involved

By Marian Hinton

The New York Jets have big plans for Tim Tebow. Heading into training camp, it is expected that the left-handed quarterback will be backing up current starter Mark Sanchez this season, but coaches have already discussed plans to use him in a variety of other ways as well, such as in the wildcat formation, as a red-zone quarterback, and even on the punting team as a personal punt protector.

On Tuesday, Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff added that they now have even more plans for Tebow, stating that they have discussed using him on the kick-off coverage team, and possibly even as a back-up or situational kick returner as well.

Westhoff added:

His role with me won’t be a paramount role. I’m not counting on Tebow coming in and being a hard-core, four-team special teams player. We have a limited role for him, but it will be one that presents problems. That’s what Tebow is all about. He presents problems to good football teams in a lot of aspects.

Another Jets coach added that they aren’t taking anything off the table as far as he is concerned.

Sure, Tebow is first and foremost a quarterback, and he is fully expected to get some playing time in that role, more so than most back-ups in the NFL because of what he brings to the offense.

But the Jets know that he is simply too valuable to sit on the sidelines and are looking for creative ways to get him more and more involved in the game. They understand Tebow’s versatility, and kudos to them for trying to find more ways to capitalize on it.



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