Washington Redskins: CBS Writers Predict Horrible Season

By Ricky Allen

It would appear that CBS Sports Columnists  have  no faith in the Washington Redskins. Take a number, get in line.

No matter how good you do to improve your chances at success, there will always be those that will need to see it to believe it.

Pete Prisco, a CBSSports.com columnist,  has the Redskins finishing 3-13, with eight double-digit losses, home wins against Carolina and Minnesota, and a single road win at Cleveland.

Prisco’s CBS colleague Pat Kirwan has the Redskins finishing 6-10.

It was bound to happen right? This is one of the first reports that have been negative about the Washington Redskins and their upcoming season. Everyone’s enthusiastic about the changes that have been made.

This is why the NFC East will be the dominant division this season–everyone wants to see what will happen to the Redskins, and how their opponents will respond.  This is also the reason why nobody in the NFC East has barely said a word.

So yeah, try to ignore Robert Griffin III if you can this season oh doubtful CBS Reporters. And no, the Redskins are not the Miami Heat. It’s not going to take us two or three years to gel.

3-13? Really? That’s not even realistic for the Washington Redskins.
6-10? That’s just setting us backwards.

I will make a note of this when I evaluate Week 6.

Come on CBS Sports, after all the changes the Redskins have done, you can do better than this.  What’s next?  Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl?

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @Ultimate Redskin

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