Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Says St. Joe Could be a No-Go? I Thought So

“My question would be where the motivation to play better would come from.  The Chiefs just basically told him that they don’t think he’s worth the investment and that they’re not going to spend that type of money on him.”

I wrote that quote 9 days ago.  A lot of people said that this situation, if anything, would make Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe play harder to earn more more money and that it would possibly work out to the advantage of the Chiefs.  And that argument made sense.  But, in playing devil’s advocate, I took the other side saying this would work to frustrate Bowe more than anything, saying he likely believes he has nothing to prove to the Chiefs.  Well, it looks as if there is a buzz that Bowe wants to hold out through at least a part of training camp.  Normally, I’m not against players holding out for more money.  If a player thinks he’s more valuable than the offer on the table, or if that player simply thinks he can squeeze out more money, I say that’s just a part of the business and that’s their every right to do so.  I would say the same thing here with Bowe, except there’s one small problem: that ship has sailed.  There’s no possible way the Chiefs can give him more money now because the long-term deadline has passed.  So then, why hold out if you’re Bowe?  I can think of a couple of reasons.

The first reason is more understandable than the next.  The summer heat in Kansas City (like in many places) has been the worst I have ever witnessed.  It’s been dry and over 100 degrees over 95 percent of the time from mid-June through the month of July.  I certainly don’t envy anybody who has to practice out in this heat but there’s one thing which shouldn’t go unmentioned: everybody has to do it.  Now, it is true that Bowe can sign the week before the regular season starts, but how many times has skipping out on training camp worked out well?  Especially considering that the Chiefs are operating under a new offensive coordinator for the umpteenth time.  While I think Bowe could catch on relatively quickly to the new offensive strategy, I still think Bowe needs that time to get acquainted with the new style of doing things on the offensive side of the football.

The other reason is the more damning one.  I mentioned in last week’s Bowe article that I could see him likely being frustrated because he didn’t get the long-term deal I’m sure he thinks/thought he’s worth.  These latest developments look to strongly support what I was saying.  This latest development on the Bowe front looks to be a giant middle finger to the organization.  But, wait, if you can’t hold out for money’s sake, and this is just your way of antagonizing the organization, what does that accomplish?  You’re not getting paid unless you sign the tender, and the team will move forward with or without you.  It looks to me like Bowe intends to throw the little temper tantrum I told you he might back when he was passed over for the long-term deal last week.  Keep this in mind, too: if he throws a fit and plays below his potential when he finally does sign, he won’t be worth the value he has been commanding, so it seems to be counterproductive to his end goal.

I usually say that “that’s stupid” isn’t a take.  But, you know, if either of the above explanations give the true reason he wants to hold out, then this whole thing’s stupid.  Like I said, I understand the summer heat thing, but tough it out, dude.  Then, if he really is trying to stick it to the organization by not coming to training camp due to their failure to come together on negotiations, I’ll just call it what I think it is: immature.  Yeah, maybe 9.5 million this year isn’t what he wanted, but it’s still 9.5 million dollars (slightly more than that, actually) in one year.  Suck it up, D Bowe and let’s play some football.  I’m David Abeyta and that’s my opinion.

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  • Derek

    I couldn’t agree more. Another thing, he drops way too many passes. He makes a lot of great catches and then when the games on the line he gives up. He also runs the wrong routes and how is he going to be at the level he needs to be if he’s not with his new Offensive Coordinator learning the new system? It’s simple, he’s not and I think Johnathan Baldwin will take that #1 Receiver spot.

  • Ugh005

    I’m tired of all the whining from spolied players. Money/greed is all that they understand – their only motivation. Let him sit it out if he wants and let the rookies show him up. He was good but not that good. Send hime to Dallas where “Team Loyalty” and love for the game mean nothing to Jerry and his even bigger ego.

  • RonM

    Did Mr. Bowe get paid for all of 2011 for doing NOTHING since he was injured so early in the year? I don”t know how the CBA handles injured players, but if the Chiefs could have cut him and didn’t, he owes them some loyalty for keeping him on the dole for the whole year. And since he was injured, who’s to say he’s going to come back and have a decent year this year?