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NFL Rumors: New Orleans Saints To Limit Running Back Mark Ingram During Training Camp

With the New Orleans Saints set to open training camp tomorrow they are being extra cautious when it comes to injuries. In addition to all of the turmoil the Saints have dealt with this offseason they have faced a few injuries too.  Saints’ running back Mark Ingram missed a good portion of last season because of a knee injury. Ingram had surgery on his left knee during the offseason and has spent most of the time recovering. This is the second time Ingram has had surgery on his left knee in the past three years.

It was thought that Ingram would be ready to go for the start of training camp but it is rumored that Ingram still needs a little more time to heal. The Saints apparently do not want to take any chances and they will limit their young running back during training camp. I agree with the Saints decision to limit Ingram, there is no reason a player should get injured or re-injured during training camp. The Saints will need Ingram to be at 100% this season as he will give them a great boost in the running game.

Ingram is expected to make a bigger impact this season and if he can stay healthy he should be able to provide the Saints with some good production. Ingram is the type of running back who can gain the short yards and that will be critical on third and shorts and in the red zone. It is too soon to tell if Ingram will be Darren Sproles’s back up but he would nicely complement Sproles in the backfield.