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NFL Rumors: Why Matt Kalil Hasn’t Signed with Minnesota Vikings

With training camp starting this week, Minnesota Vikings first round draft pick Matt Kalil remains unsigned. Kalil of course was taken fourth overall out of USC as an offensive tackle.

All three player selected in front of him: Trent Richardson, Robert Griffin III, and Andrew Luck, have all signed deals with their respective teams.

So what’s the holdup with Kalil inking a deal with the Vikings?

It’s come down to “offset language” in the contract. As of this year, the Vikings are trying to include offset language in all of their contracts. A contract with no offset language, is basically a guaranteed contract.

Kalil’s deal is rumored to be for $20 million dollars.

I certainly get the Vikings’ point of view in this situation, it’s their practice as an organization to include offset language in all player contracts, I get it.

However, they just used their top draft pick on a guy they want to be an anchor of their franchise for years to come, it’s time to pay the man.

Now there’s no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL, draft busts happen. But Matt Kalil is about as close to a sure thing that you can get with a draft pick. Even if he doesn’t work out at left tackle, he will still be a good offensive lineman anywhere they line him up for many years to come, and that’s worst case scenario.

Rookies are due to report to training camp on Thursday, so there’s time for a deal to get worked out, before Kalil is considered a holdout.

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