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Osi Umenyiora of New York Giants Thinks More Players Should Act Like Tim Tebow

Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants tends to speak his mind. We all know this. Sometimes he says outlandish things. Other times he says things that make sense. This may be a little bit of both. He says that more players should act like Tim Tebow. Osi thinks that Tebow sets a great example for people, which he does, however I don’t believe a league full of Tebows is such a good thing.

Should players straighten up their behavior? Absolutely. Should they act more like Tebow? That I don’t know. Yes he’s a deeply religious person and says all the right things and does all the right things and has a squeaky clean image, but if everyone acted like Tebow, the league would be boring. You need guys who are going to stir the pot and say crazy things. It makes the league more fun and less robotic.

I think the rash of NFL players getting arrested is more of an anomaly than anything else. It just seems like its a crazy amount especially for an offseason. Once the season starts, the talk of this will slowly fade as we wonder about if the Giants can repeat and who should we draft on our fantasy team, not why did David Diehl drive that night.

I agree with Osi that players need to improve on their behavior. If you have more players acting like Tebow, you basically have them going from one extreme to another. If players continue to get arrested, you’ll see the Comish drop the hammer like he has been, and they’ll only have themselves to blame.