The Chicago Bears Open up Training Camp

By Chris Wickersham

Football is back at full swing. As the Chicago Bears arrived for training camp today. Today was more of a meet-up day and to get back to interacting with each other and taking physicals. The Bears are probably happy that they take the filed tomorrow in the first practice as it was 100 degrees and it’ll be in the mid 80’s tomorrow. The Bears are entering camp with no distractions and that’s always a good sign. Now they can worried about everything football. Here’s news and notes from the first day of camp:

Knox is hopeful to return this year, but don’t get your hopes up. He won’t be back until closer to the end of the season and there’s a very good chance he will miss the entire regular season. If you recall, Knox severely injured his back on December 18th vs. the Seattle Seahawks. The injury required surgery as soon as possible.  For the most part, it looked like someone was folding Knox into a folding chair. That’s how bad his back was bent backwards. If I’m the Bears, I’m telling Knox to not play this year and come back next year fully healthy. So, he does not get re-injured and ultimately ending his career. The Bears will be find at receiving as they have 6 receivers under contract.

Brian Urlacher spoke earlier this afternoon and said his knee ‘feels good’. He will be ready to take action in every practice. His knee feels good that he’ll be able to take action in every aspect of training camp. If you recall, Urlacher sprained his MCL in the last game of the regular season vs. the Minnesota Vikings. When Urlacher went down, “I was like oh crap”, but now that I know he’s okay, I feel much better now. That’s another positve in the camp opener. Urlacher is aging, but he’s still the key to the defense.

Other news and notes from camp:
*WR Earl Bennett looks like he did work in the off-season and builded more upper body strength.
*OL Gabe Carimi, OL Chris Williams, and LS Patrick Mannelly whom were placed on injured reserve last are ready to go and have no side effects from their injuries.
*Brian Urlacher said that Phil Emery and him have talked about a contract extension. But nothing more from that comment.
*Former Bears’ RB Adrian Peterson is at camp as an intern.

Well that’s the latest from day 1 of training camp. I can’t believe football is back… I’m so pumped!

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