NFL Kansas City Chiefs

2012 Fantasy Football: The Kansas City Chiefs’ Wide Receivers

The wide receivers for the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t highly valued prospects when it comes to 2012 Fantasy Football. In the 10-team mock draft conducted here at Rant Sports, Dwayne Bowe was the only one chosen and that wasn’t until the sixth round. That’s understandable, given the offense’s emphasis on the running game and the presence of tight end Tony Moeaki, but there are some possible steals among the Kansas City receivers’ corps.

Bowe is the top KC pass-catcher and he comes with some baggage, having failed to agree on a long-term contract with the front office and being forced into a one-year deal because of the franchise tag. Evaluating Bowe means playing psychologist from a distance as much it means looking at his football skills and stats. Will he be disgruntled or motivated? Answer that question effectively and you know where he belongs in the draft. If the truth lies somewhere in between then Bowe is what the Rant mock drafters have him as, which is a decent contributor, but nothing spectacular.

I was surprised to see Jonathan Baldwin passed over in the mock draft. The young receiver is a possible steal for somebody in the late rounds. If Bowe struggles, then Baldwin becomes the #1 target. Even if Bowe doesn’t struggle, Baldwin’s height could help him become a key asset near the end zone, thereby giving him scoring chances that make him a key Fantasy player even if he’s just a marginal player in real life. Steve Breaston, the third element of the Chiefs’ Killer B’s package at the wideouts wasn’t drafted and I understand why. He’s a solid veteran who can help a team win as a secondary option, but he’s not going to be a difference-maker on your NFL Fantasy team.

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