Jeff Fisher Brings Winning Mentality To St Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake

Every team at this time of the year believes that they can and should win all the games on their upcoming schedule. The St Louis Rams are no exception. You wouldn’t believe that a team capable of winning just 15 times over the last five years could have that optimistic outlook, but new Head Coach Jeff Fisher has quickly instilled a winning attitude in his players.

According to Fisher: “You’ve got to start over, every single year. And there’s no reason why we can’t have the same expectations that everyone else has. If I were to say we’ll go 10-6, what do I tell the players about the six games we’re going to lose? That’s not fair to them. I’m coming out and saying it’s okay to lose six games? No, I’m not going to say that.” It’s that unbending approach that makes Fisher the ideal fit to orchestrate a turnaround with this Rams franchise which has suffered so much over the past half-decade.

Clearly the entire organization would like to forget that those futile years ever happened and they have the perfect coach to put those issues behind them. When talking about his players, Fisher said: “They’re not hungry to win. They expect to win. Everybody does. The past is the past, we’re looking forward with the expectation of winning games.”

Getting the psychology of a team in the right place is at least half the battle and Fisher has already convinced this team that winning is the only way. The losing mentality seemed to seep into the locker room in the latter stages of last season and that won’t happen with Fisher in charge.

With the players’ collective belief and Fisher’s no-excuses attitude, this could be the beginning of a new era in Rams history. The team is young with plenty of guys on the roster that still haven’t tasted winning in the NFL and that fire will drive this team to new heights sooner rather than later.

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