Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Also Thinks Team Can Become a Dynasty

By Bryn Swartz

It’s not just quarterback Michael Vick who thinks that his team can turn into the best of the best for the next few seasons, or in other words, a dynasty.

He’s joined by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, who had the following comments to say:

“I think it’s different from calling yourself ‘The Dream Team.’ It’s saying we have the potential to be a dynasty. I believe Mike. If you look at our team you can see the players stand out and not just the players but Andy Reid speaks for himself with the work he has put in and his resume. We can be a dynasty, it’s just a matter of going out and performing. I think these last two years we should definitely at least be in the running to get two championships. We have the potential.”

A couple of thoughts on McCoy’s comments…

First, he and Vick clearly go hand in hand. They both talked about wanting to be better leaders for the team this season and it’s clear that the two of them have been talking together a lot recently. I don’t have a problem with Vick and McCoy wanting to be better leaders. I do have a problem with the dynasty comments.

Second, I find it funny how the players all indirectly throw Vince Young, last year’s inventor of the Dream Team talk, under the bus. The players clearly did not like Vince Young and they did not like his stupid prediction which he did not back up with his play on the field, leading to the most embarrassing and disappointing season in franchise history.

But for real, I am tired of players saying that this team has dynasty potential. This is usually the part where defensive end Jason Babin chimes in with his comment, and then maybe one of the other players, not somebody you’d expect, like a Mychal Kendricks or a Brandon Boykin, joins in.

I think this team is a great team.

I just can’t believe that this team is still talking. I literally cannot believe it.

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