2012 New York Giants Make or Break Candidate: Martellus Bennett

By jason evans

Martellus Bennett’s 2012 year is really make or break for him. The New York Giants brought him in on a one-year deal at a position of real need for them. The Giants lost two tight ends to torn ACLs during their Super Bowl Victory and Bennett is coming in and filling that void. The question remains as to whether he will perform.

Bennett hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since his rookie year of 2008. Last season with the Dallas Cowboys, he caught only 17 passes in 14 games. Bennett has been behind Jason Witten his entire career. Bennett is a former second-round pick, so he clearly has some ability, but has yet to live up to the status of a second-round pick.

Bennett comes into training camp as the clear cut favorite for the starting job, something that he’s never experienced in his career. He’s clearly better than any other tight end on the roster. When mini-camp started, he came in heavy, although he said that he has lifted a lot of weights throughout the off-season. That’s all well and good, but if you can’t get past the linebacker or safety covering you, it’s not going to do you any good.

He also has been quite the quote for the media, saying he hates his old team, and everyone else in the NFL that isn’t the Giants. That’s all well and good but you just came to the team, and as coach Tom Coughlin likes to say, talk is cheap; play the game. It’s better as a new guy to be seen and not heard at first. Once he produces, he can say what he wants.

This is a big year for Bennett’s career. If he can show that he’s a legit NFL tight end, next off-season will be a profitable one for him. If he doesn’t, it may be a long year for him with a very murky future.

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