Cincinnati Bengals: Head Coach Marvin Lewis Bans Twitter For Training Camp

By Joshua Casey

If you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan, and you are also an avid user of Twitter, you may be out of luck. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis apparently is not a fan of Twitter, thus the reasoning behind his new rule for the duration of Bengals training camp, all players are banned from using Twitter. According to the CincinnatiEnquirer Lewis recently informed his players that they will not be able to use Twitter for training camp, and it is still uncertain if this ban will last into the season, which, if it does, may seem a little harsh.

Lewis released a statement earlier regarding his decision, “I think people have to have the maturity and wherewithal to be able to handle it. “I don’t see how tweeting is going to help us win a football game. … It’s best that we just take care of ourselves and not announce what we’re doing or not doing, or who did this or who did that, and commenting on what’s going on in other spots. Let’s be football players.”

The ban, which seemed to have come out of nowhere, is apparently not so random as a slew of tweets by Bengals players is what led to Lewis banning the social media network. One instance that did reportedly irritate the front office was their first-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft, Dre Kirkpatrick, confirming via Twitter that he had indeed injured himself.

Training camp, which runs from July 27th to Friday August 19th, is surely not going to be as fun for Bengals fans now that Twitter is out of the question. And while the ban may seem a little rash I can totally understand where Lewis is coming from with this. I mean just recently we saw an Olympic player get banned due to am idiotic statement made via Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if any other teams will instill this strategy for training camps, or quite possibly for the upcoming NFL season. If any team needs to do it I believe it should be the Detroit Lions. With all the arrests, and trouble, that Lions players have gotten into this off-season, the last thing the organization needs is one of their players saying something dumb on Twitter.


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