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DeAngelo Hall Won’t Crown Robert Griffin III Until He Takes His First Snap

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DeAngelo Hall has raved about the Washington Redskins’ rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III all off-season. When Hall talks, sometimes his delivery isn’t the best or his words can get twisted, but he means well. Take this quote for example, when Hall spoke on Griffin’s comparisons to Mike Vick earlier this off-season:  “A lot of people liken him to Michael Vick because he’s a black guy and he’s fast, but his mentality compared to what Mike’s was when he came into the league is 360 — just totally different.” Obviously, Hall meant to say 180, but his motive was to rave about his QB.

Hall has even went as far as to call Robert Griffin III the “prince of D.C” with President Obama being the king. Well, today, Hall has pulled back on crowning Griffin – well kind of, “He’s probably right now, the worst quarterback in our division. He hasn’t taken a snap,” Hall said, via the Washington Post. “He has that title until he takes a snap and goes out and proves he’s something.”

Point taken, and you’re totally correct with that statement Mr. Hall. Although, I don’t believe Griffin should be in the discussion of any ranking in the NFC East. He hasn’t proven himself worthy or unworthy. I’d omit him from the equation.

DeAngelo Hall went on to say, “It starts in our division, man. We ain’t looking at nobody else. Our division is so tough.”

“Great quarterbacks. … We have to prove we can get past our division first. We get past our division and we make the playoffs, and the last couple years, we haven’t been able to do that. That’s why we haven’t been in the playoffs.”

Robert Griffin III is in a division that possesses a two time Super Bowl champ – Eli Manning. Not to mention, two of the league’s upper echelon Qb’s – Tony Romo and Mike Vick.

Griffin, of course, has a lot to prove. But i’d keep him out of any conversation in regards to ranking the NFC East quarterbacks.

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