Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin Impresses On First Day

By Max Luckan

It’s only the first day of training camp, but some players have already impressed. One player that really impressed on Day 1 — running back Doug Martin. Martin, at times, showed explosiveness through the hole, and also displayed his lightning fast speed.

However, it is still too early to tell who will start, of course, but it might come down to Martin and LeGarrette Blount, who also practiced well. Martin, who played at Boise State, definitely felt like he was playing in a pro atmosphere as opposed to the college atmosphere when asked about it, saying, “Definitely the pro atmosphere.” Martin then continued by talking about head coach Greg Schiano, and his style. “I don’t compare him to being an NFL or a college coach, he’s just a grinder. And for us, that’s great,” he said.

When asked how much different an NFL training camp is from college, Martin pointed to the length of practices and intensity of them. “Longer practices, the intensity is higher, the expectation is higher. Overall, the intensity and competition out here,” Martin stated, alluding to the high expectations that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have this year.

What would Martin personally like to get out of camp? “Just get acclimated with the offense, the team, getting closer as a team, staying consistent. And just getting acclimated to this weather and this team overall,” Martin said. The weather has definitely been an interesting topic for many of the reporters, fans, and players that were at camp on Friday. Temperatures were around the low-90s, and many players had to shortly leave the field because they were vomiting.

It’s far too early to even predict who will be the starting running back for the Buccaneers, but Doug Martin certainly did his part in showing what he can do on Day 1 of Buccaneers training camp.

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