Tom Coughlin’s Message to New York Giants is Sustain and Finish

Once the New York Giants became the Super Bowl champions after the 2011 season, they knew they would have a target on their backs heading into this year. The players have all admitted that while the goal is to repeat as champions, there is room for improvement. They know not to let success get to their head.

Head coach Tom Coughlin had a similar message to the team as they took the field for training camp this morning. The Giants adopted an “All-in” motto after a local motivational speaker named Gian Paul Gonzalez gave a riveting speech before their matchup with the New York Jets in Week 16.

Coughlin still wants the Giants to adopt the “all-in” team mentality, but his message this year is to “sustain.”

“We certainly want to continue with the ‘all-in’ and ‘finish,’ but we also would like to come out of the starting gate and we would like to sustain and finish and establish some kind of consistency that we think we are capable of playing with.”

The Giants finished the season 9-7 and not without holes. The defense finished 27th overall and 29th against the pass, and the offense finished dead last in terms of running the ball. Coughlin knows there are improvements to be made and sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

“The message is one of improvement,” he said. “It is one of taking full advantage of setting the bar in what we were able to do in the last six games of the year, and analyzing the previous 14 and the last six and saying to ourselves, ‘Which team are we here?’ They’ve got to be improved upon because the comparison between the last six and first 14 [makes] you kind of shake your head.”

The major difference between the first 14 games and the last six was the defense. The defense allowed just under 14 points per game in the win streak that lead to Super Bowl XLVI. Coughlin believes they can be that team in 2012.

“I am hoping we are the team that finished.” Giants fans hope so too.


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